Who is your customer – formuology episode 2

Episode 2 – When starting a new cosmetic product line you need to figure out who you is going to buy your product and what problems you want to solve. In this episode we look at exactly how we did it.

The story

This is a podcast series that documents the launching of a cosmetic product line. In this show we’ll give you an insider’s look at how to create, launch and sell a cosmetic product. Along the way you’ll hear stories about the most important aspects of cosmetic product creation including setting up a business, generating ideas, finding customers, designing the product, getting if made, marketing and more. By the end of this series you’ll know exactly how we went about creating & selling real cosmetic products.

In this episode we cover the topic of figuring out who your customer will be. When you’re starting a personal care product line one of the biggest mistakes people make is not thinking about who their customers are. Often, people end up making products that they like and then figure that if they like them, other people will like them. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true.


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