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Getting started – episode 1

Episode 1 – What is the first thing you should do to start a cosmetic line? Start your business. Cosmetic formulator Perry Romanowski documents exactly how it’s done.

The story

This is a podcast series that documents the launching of a cosmetic product line. In this show we’ll give you an insider’s look at how to create, launch and sell a cosmetic product. Along the way you’ll hear stories about the most important aspects of cosmetic product creation including setting up a business, generating ideas, finding customers, designing the product, getting if made, marketing and more. By the end of this series you’ll know exactly how we went about creating & selling real cosmetic products.

I’m Perry Romanowski and I’ve been a cosmetic chemist for over 20 years. Being a cosmetic chemist is a great job. You get to invent things, create formulas and make products that people use every day. You even get to make products for yourself to use. It’s fun.

I’ve spent most of my career creating and testing products for other people and that has been rewarding. But one thing that might surprise you is that the cosmetic industry is mostly run by marketing and sales people. It’s rare that the people who actually make the formulas have any role in marketing and selling them. In fact, formula makers rarely have much say even in the type of products we create. Typically, we are given projects and ideas to work on and then expected to deliver products to match those concepts. Most product ideas that come from formulators are ignored.

And if you’re a formulator with ideas like me, it’s incredibly frustrating.

In this episode we cover the basics of starting a business including the legal structure we created and why we chose it.  We also go through the different business models used in the cosmetic industry exploring the positives and negatives of each.


  • For the business structure we set up an S Corporation.  You can see all the business structures available in the US at the SBA website.
  • Bootstrappers bible mentioned in the episode.
  • The accountant who helped me set up the business. Hensley & Associates


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